Different Services Provided for Cancer Treatment

That is why Blood and Cancer Institute Arkansas is dedicated to providing uncompromising independent care in Little Rock and Pine Bluff.

Patients throughout the region can rest assured they are receiving the best possible care without having to travel out of state.

For patients with cancer, proximity to their doctor is extremely important. The disease and its treatment can be exhausting and many people seeking cancer care are older with compounding health and mobility issues. As a result, travel can be a significant burden that complicates or disrupts care. In rural areas without many doctors, the paucity of local options can seriously influence outcomes for patients.

– American Society of Clinical Oncology


Comprehensive Consultation

Our physicians are board certified/eligible and have extensive experience in this field. Our team of experts can help you understand your disease, use modern diagnostics and treat you with all the advanced therapies available. They will spend enough time with you to help answer your questions to your satisfaction, and you will not feel pressured in and out of the exam rooms.

diagnostic facilities

Diagnostic Facilities

We use the most advanced, state of the art diagnostic testing to identify both blood and cancer disorders. Some of these studies are done in our clinic and others are sent out.  By exploring genetic or molecular structures we better identify your unique body make-up, and guide the most effective personalized treatment for you.



Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancers with medicines/drugs. Traditionally, these medicines are injected into the blood stream through a device called a “port”. At our cancer center, we have chemo-certified nurses who have a combined experience of more than 50 years. Chemotherapy is provided in a very relaxing and comforting environment.



Phlebotomy is a special procedure where a certain volume phlebotomy of blood is drained out and collected. These services are provided to certain patients with excess iron in their blood to help reduce their iron load in the body.

Second Opinion

Second Opinion

Knowledge is Power! Even if you plan to continue treatments elsewhere you might be seeking a second opinion. If you need to understand your disease and find peace of mind, you are welcome to consult with our specialists.


Osteoporosis Treatments

Osteoporosis is weakening of the bones that increase your risk of fractures. This disease is primarily seen in Caucasian population and the risk increases with age. We provide a number of treatments that help treat this condition.

bone marow

Bone Marrow Biopsy

This is a procedure where blood is drawn from Bone Marrow. It helps identify some cancers and blood disorders and it usually take about 10-15min. We perform this procedure in our office.


Patient Advocates

At BCI, we have Patient Advocates on staff to assist patients and their families in dealing with insurance companies, other health providers and government agencies. Our Patient Advocates will make phone calls to verify your insurance benefits and confirm that all necessary paperwork or required pre-certifications are taken care of to receive appropriate treatment.